Social, Community and Stakeholders

Safety and Health

Sunstone Metals is committed to a strong safety culture and a genuine commitment to its people and stakeholders.

Sunstone Metals’ safety management practices are focused on clear guidelines, expected behaviours, and regular audits and reviews.

Sunstone is active in the communities in which it operates and where appropriate assists with the health and wellbeing of local stakeholders and local employees through initiatives such as Covid-19 testing and vaccination programs.

Community and Stakeholders

We pride ourselves on the employment our projects generate for our host communities. In the last financial year (31 December in Ecuador), we directly employed over 80 people (135 as at 30 June 2021 with the addition of the El Palmar project), and paid over US$800,000 in salaries. Over 85% of our workforce is from local communities, and overall 100% are Ecuadorian. Local businesses in Ecuador retained 97% of our total goods and services value, adding a further US$1.9 million to our host community economies.