Mineral exploration by RTZ in 1992 in the region identified a stream sediment anomaly which was later followed up and a gold-bearing epithermal breccia system was identified to the west of El Palmar.

Lowell Mineral Exploration Ecuador S.A. undertook exploration comprising geological mapping and trench and pit sampling at El Palmar during 2007-2008.

Exploration activity by Lowell Mineral Exploration ceased in 2008 when the Ecuador Constituent Assembly passed a Mining Mandate which, amongst other provisions, provided for the suspension of exploration activities for 180 business days, or until a new Mining Law was introduced.

In 2012 Chilean headquartered CODELCO undertook exploration comprising 3 diamond drill holes. The drilling was undertaken in the area of the Lowell Mineral Exploration trenching which identified gold and copper anomalous rocks exhibiting porphyry related stockwork veining. The assay results of the CODELCO drilling returned highly anomalous gold and copper in 2 drill holes, but not at sufficient levels for CODELCO to continue their exploration.

Sunstone Metals, through GOEX, commenced exploration in early 2021.